Centre for Dramaturgy and Curation is located at Siteworks33 Saxon Street, Brunswick, 3056

Contact: admin@dramaturgyxcuration.com


We acknowledge the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin nation as the traditional land owners of our location. We would like to pay our respect to Elders both past and present and to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.



We’re interested in the points of connection between these two disciplines, exploring what theatre and visual arts can learn from each other. 

November: Experimenta Social talk at ACMI X, introducing the idea of the centre

January 2019


Doors to centre open!

Dramaturgs, curators and artists are invited to submit a research note about what they were exploring, during their residency at the Centre for Dramaturgy and Curation. 

Mark publishes an op-ed on Arts Hub introducing the Centre and discussing the critical role of dramaturgy and curation in contemporary local practice


February 2019

March & April 2019

Researcher asks questions about sensetivity reading and issues around identity and conflicts on creative projects.

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May: piloted a workshop on Proposing Projects, focusing on curatorial knowledge

We help NAVA some with arts policy advocacy, lead up to federal election in MAY

May 2019


May: Public showing as an outcome for Bridget Mackey’s residency, exploring sound dramaturgy

May: Mark was a speaker at the Asian Dramaturgs’ Network Conference in Singapore. The theme was Dramaturgy and the Human Condition, engaging with key questions for the dramaturg in Asia navigating an increasingly complex world in need of critical action and speech. Image credit: Centre 42.

On May 19, we held our first major CDC event, bringing together some of the artists and researchers we’ve been connecting with. Read ARTICLE HERE.

Photos: Keelan O'Hehir

May: Researcher submits article 


Updated September 2019

Researchers and collaborators so far have been:

Emilie Collyer (playwright)

Kiera Brew Kurec (visual artist)

Amanda Haskard & Kristi Monfries (curators)

Erin Miline (producer)

Georgia Banks (visual artist)

Emma Hall (performance maker)

Bridget Mackey (performance maker)

Dan Giovannoni and Luke Kerridge (playwright and director)

Dan Giovannoni and Amelia Evans (playwrights)

Sibyl Kempson (plauywright/USA)

Krishna Istha (playwright)

Adele Wilkes (film maker)

Jess Knight and Bridget Balodis (playwright and director)

Alex Walker (Performance maker/ House of Muchness)

June: Arie's interview, talking about

the centre

Sep: Mark provides dramaturgical support of Jess Knights Melbourne Fringe show Mormon Girl. Directed by Bridget Balodis.

Image: Theresa Harrison

On September 15 was Antidote Festival, an afternoon of stalls and experiences led and created by young people. 
e teamed up with House of Muchness to deliver this event, providing curatorial and dramaturgical

June, July & August 2019

September & October 2019

Arie provided curatorial support on The Lizard Is Present by Vidya Rajan. Presented at Melbourne Fringe. Amazing photos. September 2019.

September: The Amazing Painting prototype is presented at Fringe. It explores alternative infrastructure and methods for exhibiting painting. 


November & December 2019

For one day between 9am and 5pm all questions were on the table, in a public conversation that anyone could attend and participate in. Commit to the full 8 hours or come and go as you please. No keynotes, no experts, no agenda – just one very long chat in a room of our peers about where we’re at, where we’re headed, and how we might build a stronger playwriting culture. Generously supported by Melbourne City of Literature.