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Manuals for Dramaturgy Series

Print & Digital Publications, 2021

The Manuals for Dramaturgy Series is a set of creative how-to guides exploring the theory and practice of dramaturgy. 


The series uses playful frames through which to share the knowledge and ideas of practicing artists, in a way that is imaginative, inspiring, practice-focused and user-friendly.

This project was conceived and produced by Mark Pritchard with the curatorial advice from Arie Rain Glorie. It was supported SBW Foundation's Rodney Seaborn Playwright Support Fund.

The first four manuals are:

  • Symphonics of Storytelling by Natesha Somasundaram

  • Dramaturgy of Silence by Emma Valente

  • Birth Planning for Dramaturgs by Keziah Warner

  • Potential Singularity and Transformative Stability by David Woods

Click below to hear or read them, or email us if you'd like a hard copy.