Dramaturgy x Curation (DXC) is an ongoing conversation about what the fields of dramaturgy and curation can offer each other, as intersecting, expanding, colliding fields of practice. 


If dramaturgy is the study of how theatre works, then what happens when you bring dramaturgical thinking outside of the theatre?

If curation is the exploration of how art is selected, arranged, framed and experienced, then how might we take that thinking beyond the gallery walls?

We wanted to carve out a space in which we and our peers could engage in independent research, balance doing with questioning, and find moments to learn from each other. 

In January 2019 we launched the Centre for Dramaturgy and Curation as an independent platform for these conversations. We set up an office at Siteworks, giving space, time, advice and support research projects from some twenty practitioners across theatre and visual arts. 

We also held a series of public events bringing different parts of our community together – a potluck lunch of creative offerings in the wake of the 2019 Federal election, a festival of healing made by the young people of House of Muchness, and an 8-hour non-stop conversation around the state of playwriting in Australia.

We’ve provided dramaturgical and curatorial support across a huge range of projects - a concert, a card game, a series of walking tours, a temporary public art project, a bunch of new plays, our own wedding, and a performance installation work about yeast. Working individually and as a duo, we bring our experience and expertise to bear, helping artists and non-artists to work through even the most complicated creative and conceptual challenges. 


In the wake of COVID-19 we’ve moved out of our Siteworks office, continuing to do what we do remotely and in the digital sphere.

This website is a collection of resources and creative outputs, and an invitation for others to join our conversation.

photo credit: Keelan O’Hehir