The shared practice of

Arie Rain Glorie and

Mark Pritchard, exploring what dramaturgy and curation can do together.

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Sunday Lunch event at The Centre.

We conduct experiments, produce creative projects, provide mentorship and project consultation, and have lots of conversations about art and how it is made.

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We believe that the visual arts and theatre have lots to learn from each other. There are gaps in knowledge on both sides, that can be filled by looking more widely for answers. And yet we often work in silos, and these two fields can seem worlds apart. 

The architecture of galleries and theatres are different, the education that a visual artist gets is different to theatre studies, and they can operate with fundamentally different economic and cultural rationales. 

And while they might seem at odds, we believe that engaging with a fuller spectrum of how art can be made can be transformative for your practice. The breadth of thinking helps you find the middle ground (‘the centre’, if you will) where more dynamic and multi-faceted creative projects can be made. It is a question of design—not what you are making, but how you are making it. 

Dramaturgy and curation can help you think and make differently.

By working together, we can also embrace the wider applications of these disciplines – understanding creativity as being at the centre of everything we do.

Dramaturgical support on Lynda Roberts' Public Art Field Guide.